Here at Koshipt.com; we receive product directly from the slaughterhouses and their meat packaging plants. These products come to us in vacuum sealed bags emblazoned with the respective kosher certifications.

For everyone's safety, as well as to ensure Kashrut is upheld;  we do not ever take product out of these vacuum sealed bags. We therefore do not have our own kosher supervision as we do not require one since we never actually touch the meat. We are simply a transporter of the product from the slaughterhouses to you!

Please see a list of the various types of hashgachas / kosher certifications for the various  products we carry:

  • Solomons OU GLATT
  • GLATT Ranch Star K
  • Rosenblatt
  • Shor HaBor CHK OU GLATT
  • Empire
  • A&H
  • Rabbi M Weissmandl OU GLATT
  • David Elliot
  • Marvid